The History of Women’s Football

PIN women playing football at the stadium

After struggling for a long time against the patriarchal society, the women have finally got equal rights, which they deserve. Even in the field of sports, there have been separate categories in women’s football.

The international bodies of football associations conduct the female football leagues with pride. In the early times, there was nothing called women’s football. It was considered unsuitable for a woman to play this male-dominated sport.

But as years went by, there was an advancement in people’s thinking and freedom for women to play the sport they wish. After the first world war, there was a wave of women’s football. Since the women had to work in men’s place due to the males getting recruited in the army, females playing football became a thing.

The first-ever female football match is said to be held in 1892 in Glasgow, as per the records of Scotland Football Association.

The Women’s Football Association (WFA) was founded in 1969 due to the 1966 World Cup, and the football enthusiasm generated in the minds of people.

But in 1971, the WFA football struggle saw a triumph situation as the FA’s fifty-year ban was lifted at last. So why was women’s football banned, and what is the reason behind it?

Why did women’s football get banned?

The FA (Football Association) banned women’s football in 1921. The reasons given for the ban were a product of jealousy and male dominance that also created myths like women’s football harmed the player’s bodies. It was said a woman could not handle games like football.

Also, the main unsaid reason was the growing attention and popularity of women’s football that made the FA burn with jealousy. The male football was not getting much attention as compared to a women’s football league.

The ELFA (English Ladies Football Association) was formed in 1921 after the FA ban on female football teams.

The ban was lifted off in 1971 on UEFA’s recommendation that national associations are supposed to support and look after the women’s teams. The WFA was discontinued in 1993 after FA took full responsibility for the women’s teams in Football and formed the Women’s Football Committee. The WFA Football clubs were no longer under the association and were under FA now.

The women’s American football teams started playing much earlier, and youngsters of both genders were taught to play it. The game is called soccer in America.

Which women’s football teams are professional?

Dick Kerr’s ladies football club was not just one of the earliest, but the most popular team in women’s football history. The National Football Museum had not included any female footballer in their fame until 2002 when Lily Karr was the first one.

Like the United States, Germany, France, Japan, Sweden, England, Australia, Netherlands, Brazil, etc., many countries have their national teams that play international leagues like the FIFA world cup.

The Conclusion

The game of football was always considered to be a game played by men. But since women fought for equal opportunities in sports, a women’s football league was allowed in the later years by some national associations.

The FA even banned women from practicing on the FA grounds to discourage the women. The ban’s cause was so discrete and unreasonable; it gave rise to a movement where feminism and women’s rights were the target.

The women’s American football leagues were quite popular in the States, giving rise to their achievements in the field before others.


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