How to Thrive as an Underdog in Football

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Football is such a game where many famous names have risen. Otherwise common people, these footballers who made it to world fame have risen to this position of popularity because of their extraordinary zeal and magnificent skills while on the field. But, before one reaches such fame, they are usually the Underdogs in Football. Those who are known as underdogs are the ones who the world thinks have no chance of winning. These players work day and night and display such beautiful skills that they make for brilliant underdog stories and become renowned worldwide. There are many such teams in football, even right now, who are working themselves off, earning a global reputation as a winning team and not another one of the underdog football teams.

Greatest underdog stories in football

It is easy for the audiences to love the winning football club, a powerful team, but it is equally difficult to be loyal and supportive towards the Underdogs in Football. There are many inspiring stories of underdog teams in football; some of them are covered hereon.

  1. Sunderland

This team was considered to be an underdog until 1973. With a lot of devotion, they entered the 1973 FA World cup. Having no famous player then, they had been underestimated. But they made it to the finale, and from there on, they have not looked back ever since. Ian Porterfield scored a goal towards the last 31st minutes, and he was teamed with exceptional goalkeeping as well, and this team emerged out as the Winner and no longer as part of underdog football teams.

  1. Cameroon

This was in the 1990 World Cup, and the match was between Manchester, an already famous football team leading the nation, and Cameroon, which was struggling to make a mark of themselves. François Omam-Biyik scored a benefit goal and stole the show as they went on to become winners against Romania as well. They were Underdogs in Football, but then, they won against the top teams of the time.

  1. Senegal

This team, too, had to showcase their prowess to make a name for themselves in World Football. As they went to the 2002 World Cup, they had to play against France, which was already known as a strong opponent. Senegal scored a goal at the 30th minute and won the game. This still makes one of the famous underdog stories of the decade.

  1. Club Tijuana

This is probably the youngest soccer club that exists. Founded very recently, this team was underestimated and considered an underdog. It was founded in 2007. This team got famous in the world of Mexican football, as they thrived on to win the Apertura title in the year 2012.

  1. Greece

This team got popular because of the Euro 2004 when it played against Portugal that boasted of Cristiano Ronaldo. At that time, Greece beat the home team twice in the tournament and went on to defeat France and Czech-Republic. They have been crowned the winners of that tournament and left behind an Underdogs in Football legacy.

Which sport do underdogs win in the most often?

The sports that underdogs usually win in depends upon the mindset that they have chosen for themselves; instead of being a weakling and apologetic, if they choose to be fierce, unabashed, and the best, no force can hold a particular team back. However, research has found that it is in Major League Baseball that most often underdogs win. Underdogs in football win at least 34.2% of the time. Some sports are fairly predictable, and there may be odds at play. However, it ultimately depends on the mental space and stamina of the team in question.


Everyone likes to hear many underdog stories to know and appreciate and support the teams more. The audience tends to have a soft spot for the underdogs. At the start of their career, they may be underestimated, but once they have set their minds to it, most of them persevere enough to no longer remain Underdogs in Football but to stand strong as winners.


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