How Has the Internet Changed to Being A Football Fan?

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This is the age of the internet. Due to the advancement of technology, the world is considered to be a global village. As the internet services improve, many things have been brought right into our hands, on our phone screens. Social media is a really powerful tool now. Following that, the life of a Football fan has changed as well. Nowadays, the way they live broadcasting of football is done, it has made the lives of the fans easier. They can constantly keep up with a match or the ongoings of a particular match season.

How is social media changing sports?

Social media has changed the lives of people in more ways than one. This change can be seen in the world of sports as well. Most of the famous football players use social media platforms and have their accounts in it. This gives a chance to a Football fan to follow their role model of an athlete and see how they are as people outside of the stadium. Media influence on the sport is evident because they publicize products or services for brands, helping them make more sales. Using the internet, fans can follow their favorite athletes’ lives, know all about the game season, and even watch the highlights with the tap of a button. There are even trivia games that are held on Social media to get audience engagement.

How Has the Internet Influenced Sport?

Media influence on sport has been fascinating and game-changing. With the advent of the internet, booking tickets to watch live sports have become hassle-free as they can be booked online. You can even choose the kind of seats that you want. All the game’s necessities, the players, venues, etc. are available over many websites on the internet. A football fan can access many matches from old repositories available on the internet. One can even catch the live sport on internet if there is an issue and they cannot visit the venue on the day of the match. Using the internet, a Football fan can even get to know many facts about the game and its players.

How has the media influenced football?

The emergence of so many media platforms has acted as a boon for the increasing popularity of football. A Football fan can stay updated on a particular football club’s happenings, know about new enlistments or resignations, and even the match dates. This has increased the participation of audiences all over the world, leading to a more inclusive viewership. Be it through televisions, radios, newspapers, magazines, journals, etc. the spread of football as a beloved game is inconspicuous. Watching live sport on the internet has become a ritual for fans who are otherwise busy working professionals.


To sum it up, the influence that media has had on the world of sports, and specifically on football, is commendable. Due to the internet and media, football has been brought closer to the hearts of its fans. A Football fan does not have to miss out on their favorite game seasons; they can pull all-nighters, watching a game broadcasted live on television, or over the internet.


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