Football jerseys numbers and what they mean

PIN group of persons playing football in different jerseys

Football jerseys have football squad numbers that are used to classify one player from another in terms of their identity and the role in the game. There is a special responsibility on each player in the game. Football uniform is designed so that these football jerseys have a unique jersey number on the shirt.

What does football jersey numbers mean?

There is a role attached to each number printed on the back of the football jersey. The low ranked numbers represent the center-backs. The higher numbers on the football uniform are attached to the star playmakers of the game, attackers, and the top defenders of the team.

Following are the meanings of the numbers printed on the football jerseys:

  • The Number 1 shirts are usually reserved for the team’s goalkeeper, as the importance of his role is usually unmatchable.
  • The Number 2 printed on Football Jerseys represent the right-back defender.
  • The Number 3 football jersey is for the left-back defender.
  • The number 4 jersey is for the central defenders or the midfielders in the team.
  • The number 5 and 6 football jersey is for the representation of center-backs.
  • The wingers and second striker
  • s usually wear the number 7.
  • The goal-scoring mid-field players wear number 8 football jersey.
  • The Number 9 is usually reserved for the center-forward, main striker of the team who scores the most goals.
  • The number 10 football jersey is for the star attacking midfielder of the team.
  • Finally, the number 11 jersey is usually for the left-winger of the team.

Thus, all the football jerseys have numbers that hold a lot of importance to identify the player’s skill and his major contribution to the team.

Must have iconic football jerseys

Football jerseys hold a lot of importance to the players wearing it. It holds a tangible value to them as well as to the game. Here is the list of the best historic football shirts that made a mark in their times. These are the vintage football shirts that still find their echo in the hearts of ardent football lovers.

  • Boca Juniors Home, 1981 – Argentina’s most striking vintage football shirt for an entire football season.
  • Denmark, Home, 1986 – The Aarhus-based firm hummel and the striking chevrons along with the gentlemanly pinstripes of this jersey worked wonderfully in the Mexico World Cup.
  • Lazio, Home, 1982-83 – Far more excellent from the NC Brand, this football jersey with the eagle logo won the people’s hearts in that football decade.
  • Ascoli, Home, 1981-82 – This striped ‘Pop 84 Jeans’ football jersey if the vintage wonder of its times.
  • Stockport County 1981-82 – This jersey was Stockport’s wonderful homage to Argentina withdrawn after the war that broke out in that football season.
  • Belgium, 1984 – This football jersey designed by Adidas, part shirt, and other part looking like playing cards, is one of the dreams of any dresser.

These and many others make up a beautiful set of historic football jerseys that echo in the dreams of all the football lovers now and shall continue to do the same in the future.


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