All Football Clubs in London for Season 2020-21

PIN All Football Clubs in London for Season 2020-21

London is a city fixated on football. People there converge at the pubs to watch the televised football matches as they down their pints of lager. If you happen to visit the place, the British love for the game won’t catch you off guard. It is like a religion in itself.

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How many football clubs are there in London?

Talking about the football clubs, London has both professional and amateur football clubs named mostly after the district they got originated from. As of football season 2020-21, in the case of professional London football clubs, there are twelve of them participating in the English Premier League, English Football League Championship, the EFL League One, and the EFL League Two. The amateur London football clubs participating in the low-level leagues are nearly around 80-90. Half of the professional London football clubs play the Premier League while the other half play the Football League.

The professional football clubs in London are as follows:

  1. Arsenal Football Club (Arsenal FC): The Arsenal Football Club, also known as The Gunners or The Arsenal, was established in 1886 and quickly became the first club from London to participate in 1893 in The Football League. This London premiere league team holds 13 league titles and 14 Football Association Cups. The club has maintained its position in the top division for the longest time. When it comes to possessing the title of the most successful club in England, Arsenal can be considered as one of the few nominees.
  2. Chelsea Football Club (Chelsea FC): Chelsea Football Club was formed in 1905 in Fulham, an area in London. The club bagged its first-ever Football Association Cup in 1970. It is one of the most eminent football clubs in London at present that has won 6 European trophies, the Champions League, and six league titles. The nicknames of this London premier league team are The Blues and The Pensioners. It is one of the most successful English clubs having almost 31 trophies.
  3. Crystal Palace Football Club (Crystal Palace FC): Crystal Palace Football Club, established in 1905, is also known for its nicknames, The Eagles and The Glaziers. Their home ground is Selhurst Park. This professional club is linked to the amateur one, which was founded in 1861.
  4. Fulham Football Club (Fulham FC): Fulham Football Club, based out of Fulham, is a professional club participating in the English Premier League. The club was formed in 1879 and is often called The Cottagers, The Whites, and The Lily Whites. It is also the oldest club originating from London.
  5. Tottenham Hotspur Football Club (Tottenham Hotspur FC): Tottenham Hotspur Football Club was established in 1882. Up until 2019, the club’s home ground was White Hart Lane who recently got changed to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. The team’s nickname is The Lilywhites and is sometimes called Spur
  6. West Ham United Football Club (West Ham United FC): West Han United Football Club is one of those London football clubs that became a part of the Football League in the year 1919. The club, formed in 1895, changed its home ground to the London Stadium 5 years ago. Its nicknames are The Irons, The Academy of Football, and The Hammers.
  7. Brentford Football Club (Brentford FC): Brentford Football Club, formed in 1889, participates in the English Football League Championship. It has been nicknamed The Bees. The club’s current home ground is Brentford Community Stadium.
  8. Millwall Football Club (Millwall FC): Millwall Football Club, based out of Bermondsey, is one of the English football teams playing the championship league. It has been nicknamed The Lions. Established in 1885, the club has faced relegation about nine times and has been promoted about 11 times. The club, originally named Millwall Rovers, has its home ground in The Den presently.
  9. Queen’s Park Rangers Football Club (Queens Park Rangers FC): Queens Park Rangers Football Club, formed in 1886, participates in the English Football League (EFL) Championship. In 1982, the club became the finalist in the FA cup. Their nicknames are The Superhoops, The Hoops, The Rs, The Rangers.
  10. AFC Wimbledon: AFC Wimbledon, formed in 2002, became the first football club to enter the Football League in the current century. The club’s nicknames are The Dons and The Wombles.
  11. Charlton Athletic Football Club (Charlton Athletic FC): Charlton Athletic Football Club was formed in 1905 and had its nicknames as The Addicks, Red Robins, and The Valiants. In 1937, the club became the first division runner-up and won the Football Association cup finals in 1947.
  12. Leyton Orient Football Club (Leyton Orient FC): Leyton Orient Football Club was formed in 1881 and in 1907 entered the Football League. The club has been nicknamed The O’s and Orient. It is the oldest professional club after Fulham FC.

Which Premier League teams are based in London?

Currently, there are six Premier League Teams based in London, namely Arsenal, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Tottenham Hotspur, Fulham, and West Ham United.

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Top Best EPL Teams in London

The best EPL teams in London are as follows:

  1. Arsenal: It can be considered the most successful club in England even though it is positioned at the 15th place in the League’s table. It won the EPL in the season 2003-2004.
  2. Chelsea: This London premier league team has performed better than Arsenal during some of the past years, but still, the number of trophies it has won is far less than what Arsenal has bagged.
  3. Tottenham Hotspur: The club has achieved 2 League titles, four league cups, and 8 FA Cups. It became one of the most successful English clubs to have won the European Cup Winner’s Cup, formerly known as the EUFA Cup, in 1963.
  4. West Ham United: The club holds 3 FA Cups and is among the few English football teams that have never become a third division team.
  5. Crystal Palace: During 1999-2010, the club faced some financial issues which resulted in its downfall; however, it bounced back in the EPL in 2013.
  6. Fulham: The club currently occupies the 17th position in the EPL table.

Where are the football clubs in London?

Teams playing the Premier League in the season 2020-21:

  • Arsenal: Their home ground is Emirates Stadium since 2006.
  • Chelsea: They play their home matches at Stamford Bridge, Fulham.
  • Fulham: They have had the same home ground, Craven Cottage, since 1896.
  • Tottenham Hotspur: Their home stadium shifted from White Hart Lane to Tottenham Hotspur stadium in April 2019.
  • Crystal Palace: Their home stadium is Selhurst Park since 1924.
  • West Ham United: They changed their home ground to London Stadium in 2016.

Teams playing the English Football League Championship in the season 2020-21:

  • Brentford: They shifted their stadium to Brentford Community Stadium. It is one of those English football teams that have changed their stadium this season.
  • Millwall: Their current home ground is The Den.
  • Queens Park Rangers: After playing at 20 grounds, they made Kiyan Prince Foundation Stadium, Loftus Road, their home.

Teams playing in League 1:

  • Charlton Athletic: They play their home matches at The Valley since 1919.
  • AFC Wimbledon: Their home ground is at Plough Lane.

Team playing League 2:

  • Leyton Orient: Since 1937, their home stadium is Breyer Group Stadium, Brisbane Road.


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